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Rebirth and Renewal


2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

Not many people know how my love for peacocks started. “Oh! Chrissy just loves the colors and the flamboyance of that bird so much that she made it into a jewelry business name!” This statement is not completely false; however, there is a much bigger and more powerful explanation of why the peacock captivates my imagination and that main inspiration is God.

Here’s how it all began.

While wrestling with a personal struggle and not knowing which way to turn, I did what many confused college girls do. I cried, drove around in my car, and had a big, fat pity party. Deep down in my heart I knew which path to take, but my mind was clouded with lies of deception and that uncomfortable idea of change.

My eyes filled with tears, I decided to take a ride in the Riverland’s Oak subdivision and have a mega “woe is me” moment. As I turned a corner in the subdivision weeping away, I was suddenly stopped by a strange sighting. A live peacock was strutting across someone’s yard. What? A real peacock in LaPlace?! I was instantly intrigued, and my depression soon turned into a spiritual question.“God is this you? Are you answering me?”

Of course the peacock was not God Himself, but God often uses signs and wonders in such mysterious ways to captivate His people and persuade their thinking. I instantly possessed a peace while watching this bird. His elegance in each step and colorful feathers cascading down his back reminded me of a heavenly realm. Just like that, my pity party ended completely, and I was on a quest to find the meaning behind the peacock.

I Googled it, of course.

I typed in the search bar, “peacock symbolism in Christianity” and expected nothing to pop up. To my surprise, tons of information revealed itself. The websites uncovered that peacocks were an early sign of eternal life. They are said to stand outside the gates of heaven to welcome our spirits back home. A peacock’s feathers represent an all seeing, omnipresent God. He knows all and hears all. And the best one of all, the peacock is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Rebirth and renewal. These words rang true within me, and I knew the move I had to make. Yet, I was hesitate. Fear was holding me back.

The very next day I was off to do a news story with a friend for the Southeastern Channel. We traveled all the way to St. Francisville and while riding in the car, all I could think about was that weird peacock encounter. Doubt imprisoned my mind and my faith dropped lower than dirt.

“God if this is truly you, please make it clear.” Looking back at this statement, I can clearly see just how much fear can suffocate faith… if you allow it.

It didn’t take long for God to answer my reoccurring question. After an hour of silently praying for His will to be done and mediating on this mysterious bird, we arrived to our destination.

“Chrissy we are here! Look how beautiful!” My friend had no idea of the turmoil I was going through, but she quickly pointed out a sight that I would never forget. The very next day after encountering my peacock in that yard, I was literally dropped in the middle of a peacock paradise. The grounds we were on, Hemmingbough Plantation, was covered in peacocks. White ones, blue ones, purple ones, gorgeous males and plain jane females were starring into my face and flaring their feathers.

I promise you, visit their website.

God made sure I knew it was Him. Why? Because I asked. I sought after Him. I knocked, and He heard. He always hears! He says He will reveal His face to those who seek it. I sought my answer, and I was open to His communication style. The way He communicates with His children is unique and specific. God chooses to show Himself in many ways, and when you develop a strong relationship with Him, He will reveal Himself clearly to you in a way that you will perfectly understand.

John 14:27

Peace I leave you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Weeks later, my sister was walking in Lakeside mall doing some window shopping. She passed by a popular cooking store and peered inside the window. She was instantly captivated by beautiful, decorative plates. If you know Cheree, you know she has a weakness for home decor and elaborate turquoise treasures. She was drawn to the plates and wanted them; however, she ignored her urge to purchase them and moved along on her way.

While sitting in her car and preparing for her ride back home, she was drawn back to the idea of those plates perfectly displayed in her home. She couldn’t wait any longer and felt a sudden urgency to call the store and have someone save those gorgeous plates. They needed to be her’s! They were meant for her!

She made a phone call.

“Ma’m, I was looking at those plates in the window. I was wondering, can you save them? I will come pick them up from you tomorrow! I need them!,” said Cheree. “Oh, of course. I live in Laplace, and I can drop them off to you,” said the store’s manager. Cheree quickly told the lady that she too lived in LaPlace, and it would be wonderful for her to drop them off. The lady replied by cheerfully saying, “It’s no problem at all! I live in the Oaks subdivision. I have a peacock that’s always wandering around my yard!” Cheree was stunned. My sister excitedly reported to the store manager that her sister, me, stalks her peacock all the time and loves the meaning behind the bird.

Silly, right?

The lady laughed at the odd connection, hung up the phone, and drove toward my sister’s house. In no time, she arrived at Cheree’s home with the plates in her hands. My sister and the manager hit it off quickly, started talking, and the peacock became the main topic of conversation.

Then the lady asked the monumental question, “Why does your sister love this peacock so much?” Little did she know that Cheree’s answer would be divine words which would lead her to feeling that very same peace I felt in her front yard.

My sister recited the whole story I just typed above. Her words flowed effortlessly as she described the peacock’s powerful symbolism in the Christian faith. The bird is a representation of rebirth, renewal, and eternal life.

Instantly the lady started to weep and replied, “ I have been praying for God to show me why this peacock has been giving me this indescribable peace. Ever since my little boy passed away, He appeared in my yard. Night and day, he brings me an over whelming sense of peace. And now I know that my son is in heaven with the Lord.”

God used my sister to reveal His secret symbols and sacred signs to a woman in mourning. He knew when that particular store worker placed those plates in the shop’s window that they would serve a much bigger purpose than hanging on a wall in a kitchen. They were placed there to provide a word of encouragement and love to a lady who desperately needed reassurance.

Her little boy is in paradise with his Master. He is free from pain. He is not weeping. He is at peace.

Daniel 6:27

He rescues and He saves; He performs signs and wonders in the heaven’s and on the earth. He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.

After that experience, my love for the peacock became an ultimate reminder of an all seeing God. His existence became real and tangible. He was not just a whimsical fantasy of a spirit flying in the sky. He transformed from a distant power into a real life, loving Father. He was a daddy who was not bothered by my insignificant problems or burdened by my stupid questions. In those moments, I discovered that He wanted to be a part of my every day walk. He wants to stroll with me through green pastures and pick flowers with me through fields.

He desires to be present while you are in pain and craves for you to lean on Him to guide the way. His eyes cover each end of the earth seeking someone who chooses Him instead of this frail and temporary life.

He will use you extraordinarily if you let Him. When you surrender to God, your mouth will become a tool of wisdom. He will use you at your job, school, or even in Wal-mart. You will begin to minster to the broken and comfort the weak. You will want to know more of Him.

Seek His face. Crave His love. Take His hand.

Let Him give you that rebirth and renewal that you desperately desire. He is the only one with the answer. No one else can renew you like Jesus. Th Holy Spirit is a gift which was sent to us all when Jesus died on that cross thousands of years ago. That same spirit which flowed fourth from His mouth lives in you.

Claim that fact and rest in it while knowing your worth. Just like that peacock confidently struts throughout that neighborhood bringing peace to the broken and rest to the hurting… become a beautiful creature of the Lord and boldly step into the next season of your life. If our God is for us, then who can be against us? Look passionately for his signs and wonders to bring you peace and a sweet reassurance.

He speaks, if you listen.

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